From Shaikh:

Some years ago (starting in 2013 during my first trip to Poland to visit my mother’s family), I began working on a comprehensive book sharing my journey through the world of suspension design and optimization. It’s no exaggeration to say I was totally absorbed for weeks and put so much thought, reflection, data, and observations into it. I had tentatively titled it “Zen and the Art of Harmonizing Your Ride” or ZAHYR. It remains in draft form and only a few intrepid associates have read it.

Since that first extensive draft, I’ve developed some new technology and integrated some existing methods to create an even more-refined approach to suspension optimization. Also, the reality of short attention spans and a multi-media world where attention is the commodity made me rethink my communication strategy. Being a ‘recovering perfectionist’ hasn’t helped!

What I’ve come to realize is that every medium has its pros and cons – print, audio, short video, longer video, presentations, face-to-face tech talks, etc. My plan for 2020 (as I’ve said in previous years but really feel it now!) is to utilize this blog more effectively to share ideas via stories, pictures, and data. It’ll be searchable, readable on various devices, and an aggregate of my thoughts – an online journal.

This page will house links to a series of white papers / presentations I’m creating to share essential concepts with you, mostly in story form. Each customer I’ve worked with, each vehicle I’ve owned and tuned (and sometimes totaled!) has taught me something. Instead of presenting a series of facts or concepts like an engineering textbooks, I want to engage your interest holistically, like listening to a campfire story as our ancestors shared experiences, caution, wisdom, and entertainment.

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