Talk with us – FCM Elite consult

Between this site, the homepage, and our Suspension Truth YouTube channel, we intend to educate as wide an audience as possible about the true potential of a vehicle’s suspension. We want you to ask better questions of whoever you buy a car, truck, or motorhome from; we want you to expect more, as there are real impacts to your comfort and safety when you choose a vehicle or suspension upgrade.

If you’re interested in having a brief introductory conversation with us (5 minutes free) you can use this Contact form:

For more detailed questions or those who are ready to begin the FCM Elite build process, use our Elite Consultation form:

NOTE: a $125 fee for 30 min email/phone/R&D will be required to go into any detail beyond a 5 minute free conversation). You can make that payment via Paypal (credit cards are accepted through the Paypal system, we do not have any access to your personal data!) at the page above.

We look forward to working with you to achieve a measure of Ride Harmony – or Race Synergy, or both! – that will exceed your expectations of what The Perfect Ride could be like!