FCM Suspension Truth Forum

FCM Suspension Truth is our guiding philosophy. First, it includes deepening our understanding how to get maximum grip from and build confidence in your vehicle. Second, we’re compelled via videos, blog, newsletter, and now this forum to share these truths with an interested community. We continue debunking many ideas that are unfortunately perpetuated by many OE or aftermarket suspension designs.

To help promote our philosophy we’re finally has created a Suspension Truth forum to serve as this meeting place. You can connect with fellow enthusiasts, stay informed on developments in the world of Fat Cat Motorsports, hear about special offers and discoveries before the rest of the aftermarket community. We do have some very exciting news to report plus offers that you’ll see here first.

If you sign up before Nov 31st, you are automatically enrolled into a random drawing for an FCM Elite suspension upgrade depending upon your current setup. We will draw (1) name every month during the first week from the previous months’ new forum subscribers.

o Existing or new forum subscribers who are chosen on December 12th will receive a $100 credit on a future FCM Elite shock or coilover purchase
o New forum subscribers who have an FCM shock mount or bump stop kit will receive a $100 discount

In order to qualify for the free Elite upgrade (value $600), you must do the following:

o Current FCM Elite coilover customers must provide –
• Approximate date of purchase (we can also look this up based on your first/last name)
• Write a 1-2 paragraph testimonial of your ownership experience. Include your uses and honest feedback, including how long you had to wait (!).
• What you may want or need by way of changes or improvements
• When you would be interested in having us provide these enhancements
• Bonus: What have you learned about suspensions since you first became an FCM Elite member? Or include a question we can answer for you

o Current FCM bump stop / shock mount (Miata) customers –
• Approximate date of purchase (we can also look this up based on your first/last name)
• Provide a testimonial of your bump stops / Miata shock mount kit and any experiences with them. Track, autocross, backroad driving.
• Have you looked into acquiring a set of FCM Elite coilovers?
• When do you want to do the upgrade (fall/winter/spring/etc.)?

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