Another FCM Elite Client Success Story – Rajat A.

Rajat Aggarwal, an  FCM Elite client, emailed us with wonderful news (and a video!) regarding his Elite suspension setup. I realize this note and event is from a year and a half ago (I had a draft on the WordPress site for a while!) but better late than never.

In his words:

Hi Shaikh,

Just wanted to get back to you on the suspension setup that I installed on my car. Just to ring some bells, it is 600/375 FCM elite and I have been very impressed with it so far, particularly the transitions in slalom. I would like to have your input on alignment settings, ride height right now is at about 12f/12.5r. I would like to go aggressive with these. Car has some oversteer now and I would like to get rid of it without getting into any understeer.

For your reference, this is my in car from a recent hillclimb, you can see how the car oversteers around 1:16. This particular track was very bumpy at places as you can see in the video.

Last alignment was done when car was completely stock suspension at -1.5f/r camber, 0 toe and max caster.

Let me know what you think.


We would typically use a bit higher rear spring rate now, like 600/450, to reduce pitching and improve the Flat Ride settling. He needs more camber and perhaps a bit of rear toe-in for higher speed stability. We’d also make some adjustments to the bump stop to reduce the oversteer he was noticing. I will post another testimonial and comments on the build we did for Tom ‘ApexAnimal’ on Miataforum who has an STR Miata (using street tires instead of R-compounds as Rajat has). But I’m very glad Rajat was and is enjoying his setup!

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